Ankara is the second largest city of Turkey after Istanbul, and since 1923 its capital. Despite its capital status, Ankara is not as popular among tourists as Istanbul and the…

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Kusadasi is a popular resort on the Aegean Sea with long beaches and a picturesque bay, where gulets, yachts and luxury cruise ships drop anchors. A rare Mediterranean cruise does…

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Antique city of Termessos in Turkey near Antalya
The ruins of the ancient city of Termessos are one of those places in Turkey that have remained almost untouched both for restorers (which means that we see it in…

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Palandoken, the youngest ski resort in Turkey, located 4 km from Erzurum, has gained popularity due to the variety of light and medium tracks. There you can teach a child or a beginner the basics of skiing, relax with the whole family or ride the virgin lands. The ski season lasts from mid-December to mid-April, the most optimal skiing conditions from January to March. Palandoken ski area is located at an altitude of 2200-3176 m above sea level. Most hotels in the resort operate on an all-inclusive basis – however, this is not news for Turkey.

Consider the climate. In the winter season, almost constant fine snow is more than possible.

In 2011, as part of the Winter Universiade, which was hosted by Erzurum, snowboard and freestyle competitions were held in Palandoken.

Palandoken tracks
The thickness of the snow cover is 1.5 meters, in some places up to 3 meters. The total length of the tracks is 40 km.

Out of 22 tracks of the resort, 8 are classified as “blue”, 8 as “red” and 2 as “black,” 4 more slopes are designed for off-piste skiing. The longest route of the resort stretches for 12 km. Perhaps one of the most enjoyable moments in Palandoken is that there are skiers and snowboarders of all levels: from the “beginner” to the “pro”, they can climb to the very top together, go down in different directions and meet again below.

Two “black” and one “red” tracks go down from the top of the mountain. And many short “red” slopes make it possible from the first hours of staying at the resort to go through active acclimatization and prepare for more serious descents. The mountains located nearby are a real “wild resort” for fans of off-piste skiing.

Palandoken has two registered ski slopes (Ezdar and Kaplykaya) for slalom and big slalom competitions, with a vertical drop of 1000 meters.

And Palandoken is the official training site for the Turkish national ski team, all of its tracks are certified by the International Ski Federation. The resort has Russian-speaking instructors.

As in other Turkish ski resorts, almost every hotel in Palandoken has its own ski lifts. The Palandoken ski area is equipped with a four-seater cable car, 6 chairlifts and 2 towers (one children’s hoop). During strong winds, the gondola and the upper lifts may be closed.

Palandoken Hotels
In the ski center of Palandoken there are several well-known luxury hotels; Ski Resort Dedeman (4 *), Ski Lodge Dedeman (4 *), Palan (4 *), Polat Renaissance Erzurum (5 *).

Ski Resort Dedeman is located 15 km from the airport and 5 km from the center of Erzurum at an altitude of 2450 meters above sea level. Ski Lodge Dedeman is located 17 km from the airport and 4 km from the center of Erzurum at an altitude of 2100 m. These hotels own 5 main lifts: Ejder Lift Dedeman (chairlift, 1778 m), South Lift Dedeman (chairlift, 1528 m ), Vadi Lift Dedeman (chair, 1200), Dedeman (drag, 800 m), Bambi Dedeman (drag, 200 m). Use of the ski lifts is free of charge for hotel guests.

Attractions and attractions of Palandoken
Erzurum, located at the foot of Mount Palandoken at an altitude of 1950 meters above sea level, is the capital of the province of the same name, the largest city and stronghold of all of Eastern Anatolia, as well as an important transport hub at the intersection of trade routes between Ankara, Trabzon and Tehran. At the same time, Erzurum is considered an important cultural center, and the city university named after Mustafa Ataturk is considered one of the best higher educational institutions in Turkey. Erzurum is rich in historical monuments. With its centuries-old mosques, fortresses, towers and tombs with domed and conical roofs, Erzurum can be safely called the “treasury” of Turkey. So, the Cifte Minareli madrasah with two twin minarets 26 meters high, located on both sides of the main portal and decorated with turquoise tiles, is a symbol of the city; and Uch Kyumbetler – a complex of three mausoleums – one of the most monumental works in Erzurum. Of the most significant mosques, the Great Mosque of the 12th century can be distinguished. and the mosque of Lala Mustafa Pasha of the 16th century Rustem Pasha’s caravanserai, built by order of the great vizier, is currently used as a market, where there are workshops for processing jet (black jasper) and galleries where this stone can be purchased. The Aziziye Anity monument, erected as a symbol of heroism shown by the people of Erzurum during the Russian-Turkish war in 1878, is one of the most important in the city.

And finally, a fortress built to protect the city during the war takes its strategic place on the top of the hill.

From Palandoken you can go on an excursion to the ancient city of Trabzon, spread along the Black Sea coast. Trabzon, located on the great Silk Road, in the old days was a kind of “bowler” in which various religions “cooked” for centuries.

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