Side is a popular seaside resort of the Turkish Mediterranean. It is located between the larger and no less favorite tourists Antalya and Alanya. The town is small, but on…

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Dalyan is a pleasant little resort near the airport of Dalaman, where the main attraction is the local Iztuzu beach, where sea turtles lay their eggs from May to October.…

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Uludag is located 150 km from Istanbul and 35 km from Bursa. Almost every hotel here has its own ski lifts, the cost of using which is included in the…

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Side Attractions and Attractions

Side is the best place in Turkey for those who want to combine beach relaxation with a rich excursion program. This is a museum city, the number of attractions of which can be envied by the ancient European capitals. Many tourist sites are over 2000 years old, and this is impressive.

On an excursion you should go to the historical center of Side. Previously, there was a whole complex of ancient structures, now only ruins remain from them, but something has been preserved well. The location of the largest square of the ancient Greek city – the Agora – can now only be determined by the foundations of the trading and utility rooms, the surprisingly surviving public toilet and the remains of the temple of the goddess of fortune Tuche.

Not far from the Agora are the ruins of the oldest stone structure in the country – the basilica. Even in a dilapidated form, an original architecture with Byzantine motives is guessed. It will be possible to consider the rather complicated layout of the building. Near the basilica are the bishop’s palace and chapel, erected a little later.

From the mainland, the old city is fenced off from the rest of the resort by ancient walls. The other part, overlooking the sea, was practically not preserved. In some places columns with stucco molding and other architectural elements are clearly visible.

From the monumental in the past building of the port bath, now too, only outlines remain – collapsed stone walls with large arches. But this is enough to understand what significance the ancient Turks attached to it, who built a huge steam room in the 3rd century BC. e. And to the north of the bathhouse is the Roman theater, which in its time has seen ancient tragedies, gladiatorial battles and staged naval battles. The semicircle of the visual rows, the stone masks of the goddesses of Comedy and Tragedy, and fragments of other sculptures have been preserved.

Looking at the aqueduct, whose age is only slightly less than the basilica, strikes the scope of ancient engineering. To build such a waterworks in this area, complex structures were required; it provided water to the whole city. From here, it was fed to the famous Nymphaeum Fountain. Although now there are only two floors left of it, and the decorative elements have not been preserved, the former greatness can be judged by the massive structure and fragments of marble in the lining.

Several frescoes adorning Nymphaeum, as well as aqueduct pipes and many other exhibits found in the old city of Side, can be seen in the Antique Museum. The exposition features statues of Athena and Apollo, an altar, an hourglass, bas-reliefs and sculptures.

Side for children
The town is small and calm, clean sandy beaches with a gentle entrance to the water and an abundance of water activities make a vacation with kids comfortable and interesting. There are many family hotels on the coast with children’s menus and animators. The hotels have spacious pools with water parks, games rooms and playgrounds.

In Side itself there is little entertainment for children, but the resort is located an hour’s drive from Antalya and Alanya. In large cities, the choice is much greater – several water parks, a zoo, an amusement park, an aquarium, a miniature park and much more. 15 km from Side is the Green Canyon – one of the most picturesque sections of a nature reserve in the Taurus Mountains. Both children and parents will enjoy a walk on a catamaran or boat on the lake between the rocks. Seniors can swim in clear, transparent water, younger ones can play in the playground with swings and carousels, and adults can enjoy a picnic in nature.

The water park closest to Side is located half an hour from the city towards Alanya. Waterplanet (off. Site) stands right on the seashore, with high slides offers an excellent view. This is one of the largest water parks in the Mediterranean – 16 adult attractions, including the most extreme with the talking name “Kamikaze”, and a children’s area with shallow pools and 8 slides.

Cuisine and restaurants in Side
Side cuisine is not very different from traditional Turkish, but the Mediterranean left its mark on it – there are a lot of seafood dishes on the menu of local establishments. Otherwise, everything is the same as in any other corner of the country – kebabs, pilafs, vegetable salads with feta cheese and olive oil, a huge number of flour products with different fillings. Fans of an invigorating drink should definitely try aromatic Turkish coffee. There are restaurants of other cuisines of the world – French, English and Mexican.

Sweet tooth should not pass by goat milk ice cream. Even those who don’t really like the drink itself will be able to appreciate the taste of a cool, viscous treat.

Holidays in Turkey are strongly associated with the all-inclusive system, and many travelers bypass food service establishments as unnecessary. However, choosing a couple of nights and having dinner outside the hotel is still worth it – for the sake of diversity and atmosphere. Thrifty tourists can go to modest cafes, the average bill of which does not exceed 100 TRY for a dinner with wine. Street snack will cost less – 20-30 TRY. In the assortment of merchants – doner kebab, “lahmajun”.

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