Sights of Pamukkale
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Side Attractions and Attractions
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Attractions and attractions of Istanbul
Each tourist, who first arrived in Istanbul, immediately gets to the famous square, where there are two legendary monuments of history and religion. This, of course, refers to the Blue…

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Kartalkaya is a small town and a developing ski resort located in the west of the Black Sea region of Turkey in the Koroglu Mountains of Bolu Province. The best time to relax here is the period from mid-December to mid-March, when, under favorable weather conditions, the thickness of the snow cover reaches three meters. Downhill skiing tracks are located at altitudes of 1800-2220 m above sea level.

How to get to Kartalkai
The nearest town to the resort is Bolu, located 54 km from Kartalkai. Kartalkaya is a 4-hour drive from Ankara International Airport and a 6-hour drive from Istanbul International Airport. From both airports, buses and private shuttles run to the resort.

Traveling by car, you should move south, bypassing Ankara along the O20 ring road, then follow the D-200 highway leading to Kırıkkale, then continue along the D-265 highway south towards Akpınar. Follow signs for Kartalkai.

In the province of Bolu, you can buy local cologne with a pine smell, halva, delicious potato bread and local cheeses, sweets with hazelnuts, honey.

You should try the stew in the style of Bolu, cooked in large cauldrons, and local trout.

On the way from the city of Bolu to the ski center there is a sports shop where you can buy ski equipment and uniforms, and also rent a snowboard, skis and other things, which will cost much less than in the resort itself.

Kartalkai tracks
This resort can be advised to skiers of different levels of training: there are slopes for every taste – for those who are just starting to learn the basics of skiing, and for experienced skiers.

The resort consists of two parts – Kartal and Doruk, all routes are located at an altitude of 1850-2200 meters above sea level.

On the slopes belonging to the Kartal Hotel, 2 chairlifts, 6 ski lifts and 3 children’s lifts are equipped, which is a total of 11. There are 12 tracks with a total length of about 20 km.

On the slopes belonging to the Dorukkaya Hotel, 8 ski lifts are equipped, 11 ski slopes and the first professional snow park in Turkey, designed by Austrian engineers, are located.

Kartalkai Hotels
In the ski center Kartalkaya there are 3 hotel complexes, including the Grand Kartal Hotel with 160 rooms designed to accommodate 500 people, and the Dorukkaya Hotel with a capacity of up to 800 people. The resort hotels have all the amenities: restaurants, swimming pools, discos, bars, etc. Almost every hotel has ski schools, and professional instructors work at the resort. In addition to skiing, you can do slalom and biathlon.

Attractions and attractions of Kartalkai
Edigoller National Park (“Yedigoller” in Turkish means “seven lakes”) is known for its lakes formed as a result of landslides and rich vegetation. Seven small lakes, feeding from one mountain stream, are located on two plateaus with a height difference of 100 meters between them. From the Kapankaya observation tower located on the territory of the park, a beautiful panorama of these lakes and the unique landscape surrounding them opens. On the territory of the park, covering an area of ​​550 hectares, beech, oak, fir, spruce, pine and deer, roe deer, wild boars, brown bears, wolves, foxes live.

The lakes are charming at any time of the year, regardless of the season. And all this is due to the fact that the territory of the park is not a mass destination, and here you will not meet crowds of tourists. For the same reason, the park is an ideal place for romantic walks and a pleasant evening pastime by the fire. The park has several small bungalows equipped with fireplaces and barbecue facilities owned by the Ministry of Forestry. In such bungalows, which should be booked in advance, you can spend the night for visitors who want to relax away from civilization. There are no other hotels and places for accommodation in the park. However, for those who want to rest and have a meal with their food, benches with tables are equipped here.

Not far from the park, in Deringol, there is a trout farm, where freshly caught fish can be cooked independently in the oven located here. It is interesting that the first trout farm in Turkey, founded in 1969, appeared here, which contributed to the popularization of this type of tourism, which later became very popular.

50 km from the ski center of Kartalkay is the city of Bolu, one of the main attractions of which is considered Abant Lake, located at an altitude of 1,500 meters above sea level. In summer, this alpine lake attracts nature lovers, and in winter it becomes a popular place for ice skating. On the central square of Bolu, there is the Great Mosque dating from the 14th century, and there is also an interesting museum in the city where exhibits from the Hittite, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires are exhibited.

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