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Cappadocia, the historical region located in the central part of the country, is called the heart of today's Turkey. This region is interesting not only for its extraordinary nature, but…

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Dalaman is at the same time a district in the province of Mugla, in the south-west of Turkey, and a small town with a population of 20 thousand people, located…

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Kas is one of the most “non-Turkish” resorts in Turkey, located in a fairly closed place, at the junction of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas, surrounded on three sides by mountains and a pine forest. This resort is almost the only corner of Turkey where the mass tourist has not reached; the reasons are simple – a fairly large distance from airports and the lack of large hotels.

“Kash” in translation from Turkish means “eyebrow”. Indeed, if you look at the resort from a bird’s eye view, a comparison with this part of the human face will be obvious.

The city of Kas is sheltered on the slopes of the mountains, descending to the sea itself, and the local coastal waters are very popular among diving enthusiasts.

Hotels and restaurants
The main category of hotels in the resort is 3 * +; private villas are also offered for accommodation. A very large number of vacationers stay for a short time in Kas at yachting. For tourists, all conditions are created – many different cafes and restaurants (Turkish, Greek and less often European cuisine), bazaars and markets. The main public of the resort is scuba diving enthusiasts.

Beaches Porridge
41 km from Kas is the village of Patara, known for one of the best beaches in the area. Patara beach stretches for as much as 20 km and is considered one of the longest in Turkey, and its width in some places reaches 1500 m! Declared a conservation area, this beach is one of the breeding sites for big-headed sea turtles or caretta (Caretta caretta) and therefore during the breeding season on the beach there are severe restrictions to preserve their natural habitat.

20 km from Kas there is another beach of stunning beauty – it is a small Kaputash beach, sandwiched between two cliffs along which the D 400 highway passes.

Attractions and attractions Kasha
The ruins of an ancient temple and a small Hellenistic theater have been preserved in Kas. Above the slope, above the theater, in the rock is a Doric tomb decorated with bas-reliefs. An even more interesting tomb is the two-story Lycian tomb of Leo, which got its name from the architectural relief ornaments depicted on it, made in the form of lion heads.

Also of interest are the ancient Lycian settlements of Xanthos, Letun, Patara located near Kas, which have preserved many historical monuments.

Patara, the main port of the Lycian state, was known throughout the Greek world as the sanctuary of Apollo with the oracle. It was here that, around 270, the future bishop of Mira, Nikolai, better known as Nikolai the Wonderworker, was born and subsequently educated. From ancient times, the Roman triumphal arch, thermae, the theater, the Corinthian temple and the necropolis have been preserved in Patara.

Opposite the bay is the Greek island of Meis and the city of Kastelorizo ​​- the distance from port to port is about 7 km (a Schengen visa is required for visiting).
Xanthos, nowadays known as Kinik and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was once the capital of the Lycian State and one of the most powerful cities in Turkey. The main attractions of Xanthos are the Lycian tombs, among which one can distinguish the tomb of Harpy, reaching almost 9-meter height and decorated with images of these mythical creatures – half women, half birds.

Opposite the bay is the Greek island of Meis and the city of Kastelorizo ​​- the distance from port to port is about 7 km (a Schengen visa is required for visiting).

Diving in Kas
The coastal waters in Kas are one of the most recommended places for diving. In the immediate vicinity are the ruins of the ancient cities of Aperlai, Simena, Kekova and Theimussa, sunken as a result of an earthquake, underwater caves and protected bays. The coastline of Kekova Island is dotted with antique objects – here at a depth of 5-6 m you can see marble columns, statues, stone stairs, sidewalks, walls of houses, the promenade and the remains of the ancient port, and in some places the covers of the Lycian sarcophagi rise above the sea surface.

In Kas there is a diving school, and among the marine inhabitants you can see barracudas, stingrays, turtles, octopuses, moray eels, and groupers.
There are about 15 dive sites in the local coastal waters, among which are Cape Uluburun and the bay of the same name, where a ship sunk more than 3 thousand years ago was discovered. A 10-minute journey from the marina of Kas, in a picturesque bay, at a depth of 20 m, on a flat sandy bottom lies the Douglas plane. Another popular dive site is the Uchanbalik reef, where an Italian torpedo bomber was shot down during World War II. But on the site near the island of Kowanli, you can see many antique amphora and anchors.

The dive site “Tunnel” is a 30-40 minute boat ride away. There, at a depth of 18 m, there is a hole with a diameter of 5 m, which leads to a closed cave. From the cave you can climb to the reef, where parrot fish, lobsters, groupers, sea snails, triggers, sea turtles live, as well as ancient amphoras.

Kas is one of the most “non-Turkish” resorts in Turkey, located in a fairly closed place, at the junction of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas, surrounded on three sides by…


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