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Dalyan is a pleasant little resort near the airport of Dalaman, where the main attraction is the local Iztuzu beach, where sea turtles lay their eggs from May to October.…

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Kemer is located on the coastal strip between the sea and mountains more than 2000 m high. Its resort area includes the areas of Beldibi, Goynuk, Kirish, Camyuva, Tekirova and the city itself. Huge hotels surround the village from north and south. It just so happened that this resort is especially popular among our compatriots, adherents of the all-inclusive system. Therefore, the staff in Kemer often speaks Russian.

One of Kemer’s main attractions is Liman Street, the center of all kinds of outlets, from cheap souvenir shops to clothing stores and more. Bars, restaurants and discos are in the center of the resort, and in small resort villages. For nightlife lovers, Kemer offers a selection of several of the best discotheques on the coast (Aura, Inferno, Budda).

Kemer areas
One of the most popular tourist areas of Kemer is its center. All the “movement” in the city is concentrated here: bars, restaurants, the best discos and parties along the coast.

If you want a relaxing holiday, you should pay attention to Tekirova, which is 10 km north of the center. Its sandy beaches are considered the best in the entire region. The area is also known for its mandarin plantations, pine groves and underwater caves where dolphins live. There are no special entertainments here, so active tourists will be bored, but families with children will be just right.

Another area with fresh coniferous air is Beldibi. It is also located in the north, the beaches here are mostly pebble, but some hotels import sand for their beaches. There is an underwater cave, and a mountain river where you can go rafting.

Goynuk is famous for its beautiful bays and fish restaurants. Here Takhtaly Mountain is located 2365 m high, from the height of which a stunning view of the surroundings opens. A cable car leads to the mountain, and at its foot you can swim in the bays with the cleanest water.

Children will not get bored either: in Goynuk there is a Dinopark, the only one in the country and the largest in Europe. Dinosaurs are made in full size, many “know how” to move and growl.

The village of Kirish is famous for its calm atmosphere and secluded pebble beaches. In addition, this is a great place for diving: a whole city sank in the local waters.

In Camyuva 20 years ago there was a simple fishing village, and today its natural beauties are at the service of tourists. The local “paradise bay” is considered one of the most beautiful in the country. A special species of mollusks lives there, the chitinous cover of which contains phosphorus, so the water here seems to be highlighted at night. In addition to swimming, the main local entertainment is jeep safari and ATV riding. The mountainous terrain creates all conditions for this.

Kemer beaches
Kemer has wide pebble beaches. Some hotels (usually five-star ones) have loose beaches of sand, but at the entrance to the sea they still have pebbles. In the city of Kemer there are two beaches: urban and the beach “Moonlight”. Both are free (including the rental of sunbeds and umbrellas), are nearby and are separated by a marina. The central beach is pebble, clean, well-groomed, has everything you need (from dressing booths to water activities), but crowded. “Moonlight” – sand and gravel, located near the Moonlight Park and is well-equipped for families with children. Rental equipment for windsurfing and other water sports is also available here.

Diving in Kemer
One of the most popular dive sites in Kemer is the Bay of Three Islands near the Tekirova area. There are many beautiful underwater caves, where there are sucker fish, octopuses, squids, stingrays and other underwater animals, which are almost not afraid of people. If you’re lucky, you can meet sea turtles and dolphins.

Between the city of Kemer and the village of Kirish are the Bay “Mayak”, “Aquarium” and the bay-cave “Kabardzhik.” The Aquarium is ideal for beginner divers: it is protected from all sides from winds and currents, and at a depth of 3-5 m you can see starfish, hedgehogs and octopuses. “Mayak” is interesting because there is a tunnel in the underwater rock at a depth of 10 m, which you can swim into. Well, even experienced divers will like the Kabardzhyk Cave: at a depth of 18 m there are two caves that contain barracuda fish, and sometimes there is a rare stone fish.

Diving centers in Kemer operate from April 15 to November 20, but the best time for diving is from May to September.

For beginners, there are instructors and special training locations for the first dives (the cost of one is about 150 TRY). This amount includes coaching, but sometimes you will have to pay about 40 TRY for equipment. If you wish, you can also rent an underwater camera – for about 80 TRY.

Kemer Hotels
Kemer hotels are divided into two parts: in some, lovers of a relaxing holiday stop, in others – young people who appreciate the proximity and plenty of entertainment in the city itself. Family hotels are usually located outside the city, and youth hotels are within its boundaries, within walking distance of nightlife.

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