Side is a popular seaside resort of the Turkish Mediterranean. It is located between the larger and no less favorite tourists Antalya and Alanya. The town is small, but on…

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Sights of Pamukkale
The main thing that attracts tourists to Pamukkale is travertines, a natural park, part of which is open for visitors and works around the clock. In the daytime, the entrance…

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Aegean coast of Turkey
The Aegean coast of Turkey is very different from Antalya. The climate is drier, and the entire resort infrastructure is more compact. On the coast of the Aegean Sea, as…

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Kusadasi is a popular resort on the Aegean Sea with long beaches and a picturesque bay, where gulets, yachts and luxury cruise ships drop anchors. A rare Mediterranean cruise does not go into the local harbor, as Kusadasi is a convenient starting point for exploring the great cities of antiquity: Ephesus, Priene and Miletus. Its Old Town attracts with confused streets, a colorful bazaar and good fish restaurants.

It is equally good to do shopping and scuba diving, have fun in the largest water park in the country, have fun in nightclubs and discos or just relax on the sandy beaches. Despite the slight raid of snobbery that cruise ships give to Kusadasi, this is a very democratic resort with a high level of comfort.

Kusadasi beaches
The beach closest to the Old Town is located along the boardwalk connecting the marina with the harbor of the cruise ship. Here are the most beautiful views, but not the cleanest water. 3 km south of it is the crowded “Ladies Beach” with fine sand, rental of beach equipment, cafes, bars and shops. From the city center to it go dolmushi number 5 with the sign “Ladies Beach”.

Directly south of Kusadasi, in the village of Davutlar there is a sandy “Long Beach” stretching for 6 km with a very gentle entry into the sea. Clean and spacious, with charming cafes and restaurants, it is equally attractive for families with children and lovers of water activities – jet skis, bananas and parasailing. It is easy to get to Dolmush No. 6. It is even better to stay in one of the local hotels.

Rent an umbrella and two sun loungers – 25 TRY per day, shower – 10 TRY, parachuting behind a boat – 200 TRY, changing cabins for free.

On the dolmush going from the city to Guzelchamly, you can get to Golden Beach, which got its name because of the color of the sand. Further along the route is the “Silver Beach” with crystal clear water, the picturesque “Paradise Beach” with beautiful views and the Dilek National Park with charming beaches that diving enthusiasts have chosen.

Kusadasi Hotels
The best places on the first line of beaches went to the luxury hotels 4 and 5 * with well-groomed territories and beaches closed to outsiders. Most of them operate on an all-inclusive basis; each has restaurants, fresh water pools, fitness centers and everything else that every Turkish hotel that respects itself should have. The price range is 250-600 TRY for a double room in 4 * hotels and 400-700 TRY in – five-star hotels.

A room in democratic “treshki” costs 180-340 TRY per day, however, “all inclusive” – ​​only in the most expensive of them. For those who come for a long time, it is advantageous to rent an apartment or villa in the city near the port or in the area of ​​”Ladies’ Beach”. Apartments with 3 bedrooms, a living room and a kitchen in a good area, even at the peak of the season, can be rented for 4000-6000 TRY per month, from November to April – for 2000 TRY.

You can dress and put on shoes in Kusadasi literally from head to toe. There are many shops and shopping centers with high-quality leather and textile products of Turkish and world brands. The most famous of them, Scala Nuova and Fulltex Shopping Center, are located in the harbor area. You should also look for branded stores Benetton, Lacoste, Levi’s, Naf-Naf, Cotton, Mudo. In addition to shoes, clothes and accessories, the top list of Turkish shopping includes home textiles, oriental sweets, spices, cosmetics based on olive oil and ceramics in all its diversity.

The cost of a box of Turkish delight is 25 TRY, olive shampoo – 30 TRY, a bamboo towel – 20 TRY.

A 20-minute drive from the center, in the town of Soke, outlets are concentrated where branded items are sold at significant discounts. At the Grand Bazaar in the center of Kusadasi, which occupies more than one quarter, prices are even lower, and the assortment is larger, but with quality – how lucky. It is possible to buy a fake, which will last more than one year, and maybe fade after the first wash. But in the presence of time, taste and perseverance, something special will always be found. For gorgeous shawls and scarves you should go to Josh, and for high-quality leather bags in White Polo Bass. The best ceramics in Kusadasi can be found behind the modest facade of the Hacivat Shop – a cross between a retail store, a museum and Aladdin’s cave.

Cuisine and Restaurants in Kusadasi
The count of restaurants, cafes and all kinds of fast foods in Kusadasi goes to hundreds. The best of them are located along the promenade and in close proximity to the beaches. The menu is based on traditional Turkish dishes – “mutanjana” (lamb with dried fruits), “karnyaryk” (eggplant stuffed with meat), “lakhmajun” (tortilla with minced meat), as well as all kinds of kebabs, kufta, gyuvech, fish and seafood in all forms. . In addition to Turkish, Italian, Chinese and even Indian cuisines are widely represented here.

The farther from the shore the establishment is, the lower the price. Lunch, which costs 25-35 TRY per person in a cafe or restaurant overlooking the harbor, in a cozy place far from the crowds of tourists costs half as much.

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Kusadasi is a popular resort on the Aegean Sea with long beaches and a picturesque bay, where gulets, yachts and luxury cruise ships drop anchors. A rare Mediterranean cruise does…


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