Sights of Pamukkale
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Kartalkaya is a small town and a developing ski resort located in the west of the Black Sea region of Turkey in the Koroglu Mountains of Bolu Province. The best…

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Aegean coast of Turkey
The Aegean coast of Turkey is very different from Antalya. The climate is drier, and the entire resort infrastructure is more compact. On the coast of the Aegean Sea, as…

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Beldibi is a popular beach resort on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, located west of Antalya, about halfway to Kemer. This is a long building strip between the seashore and Taurus Mountain; all life in this village revolves around tourism. There are luxurious hotel complexes, the best of which stretched along the sea on Ataturk Street. In their free time, vacationers spend time in shops, cafes and restaurants.

During archaeological research in the middle of the 20th century, settlements of the 1st century BC were discovered on this site. e. And in the 1980s and 90s. here began to build the first decent hotels. Ten years later, more top-rated hotels appeared.

Beldibi Hotels
The resort presents hotels of any “star”, rented apartments and cottages. Bedbibi is conditionally divided into 3 parts. Oddly enough, but the attachment to the coastline in this gradation plays far from the first role. Directly by the sea there are 4-5 * complexes operating on an all-inclusive system, with a large territory and their own beaches, where sand is regularly brought in. The cost of a standard double room in them starts from 970 TRY.

A little further – 4 and 3 * with a more affordable price tag: from 115 TRY. Closer to the mountains and the highway to Antalya, you can find an option for very little money: from 260 TRY, but it will take 10-25 minutes to get to the water, and the number will be small and modest. But many of these hotels have pools, a continental breakfast is included in the fee.

There are no private and paid beaches in Beddibi, tourists or local residents can freely go to the beach and swim anywhere. In the territories formally owned by hotels, the entire infrastructure is supported by its employees. The municipal beach of the village is equipped with everything necessary. There are sun loungers (a set of chaise longue plus an umbrella will cost 10-15 TRY), changing rooms, showers and toilets. You can eat in the many cafes nearby. From entertainment – riding a “banana” and jet skis, also offer boat trips along the coast with swimming in secluded places. Unfortunately, playgrounds and slides are not there.

The coating is everywhere pebble-rocky. Entering the water on shallow and sharp pebbles is not entirely convenient, so it is better to swim in special shoes. Many hotels regularly bring sand to their stretches of coast: the more “stars”, the more “sandy” the beach.

Cuisine and restaurants in Beldibi
Despite the modest size of the village, tourists do not lack gastronomic establishments. Of course, there are no gourmet restaurants here, but apparently invisible cafes and eateries, which specialize in Turkish and Mediterranean dishes, and also cook fish and seafood well.

The most expensive establishments are located in the tourist part of the town, closer to the promenade and the first line of hotels. The price for lunch for two is from 150-170 TRY, dinner with a couple of glasses of wine is 200-220 TRY. In a budget jail for abundant meals they will ask from 60-70 TRY. It is often more profitable to order a set lunch (80-90 TRY), which includes a salad, something meat with a side dish, a drink and sometimes dessert.

Marine reptiles in all kinds of variations: grilled shrimps, shark skewers, fried mussels – the most expensive items on the menu. For one such dish you will have to give at least 60-80 TRY. Traditional Turkish cuisine is cheaper: “lahmajun” and “pide” (tortillas with minced meat) – from 20 TRY, huge kebab – 50 TRY, fried lamb ribs with a side dish – 70 TRY.

Entertainment and Attractions
There are no architectural attractions in Beldibi, except for the local mosque. The building is a remake, but it was erected taking into account all the canons of the classical Ottoman style. For impressions and new emotions should go out of town.

In the vicinity of the village. Kirish is the peak of Tahtali, which can be reached by cable car. To get to the lift, you need to move towards Tekirova along the main road before turning onto Olympus Telefrik.

They go to the ancient ruins to see the ancient Olympos and Phaselis, where buses go from Beldibi. There is a cave complex with ancient cave paintings in the Beidaglari Sahil National Park. It is better to visit it with an organized tour or get there by car.

Near the neighboring resort Goynuk is the canyon of the same name. Walking around this picturesque place will invigorate and add variety to a measured beach holiday. You can get there on dolmush, which stops on the street. Kurtulus in Goynuk, then on foot.

In Beldibi itself there is a small Ataturk park, bordering a public beach. After sunbathing there, it is pleasant to stroll in the shade of trees and sit in a cafe.

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