Izmir - ancient Smyrna, one of the 7 ancient cities, claiming the right to be called the homeland of Homer. A huge horseshoe it covers a vast bay on the…

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Kekova island in Turkey is rightly called the "pearl of the Mediterranean." It is small - with an area of ​​only 4.5 square meters. km, but there are always a…

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Turkish cuisine - warmth of traditions and a unique mixture of tastes of Turkish dishes
Turkish cuisine is a very special phenomenon in world culinary: it encounters quite unexpected combinations of ingredients and dishes for us European gourmets, on the one hand, complex and unusual,…

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Bodrum is the most “party” resort in Turkey, the capital of the country’s nightlife with a record density of bars, nightclubs, restaurants and discos per square kilometer. There are villages and hotels in 14 bays of the peninsula, and the city of the same name stands in its very center. Unlike most Turkish resorts, it’s mainly not German lovers who lie on the beaches who come here, but more active French, Scandinavians and English.

Today’s Bodrum stands on the site of the ancient city of Halicarnassus, where the famous Halicarnassus Mausoleum (353 BC) was located, one of the 7 wonders of the world. Alas, in the Middle Ages the miracle was destroyed by earthquakes, and the remnants of today can only be seen in the British Museum in London. Nevertheless, something from the glorious ancient heritage has been preserved here, the centuries-old evidence of ancient civilizations in the Old City peacefully coexist with fashion and modernity.

Bodrum has two parts. Eastern – with a long, narrow but comfortable beach, all kinds of bars, restaurants and clubs. And western – life here is calmer and concentrated around the marina and the yacht club. Here are more expensive supermarkets and restaurants. Thanks to the frequent winds, this resort is also a good place for fans of surfing and other water sports.

The bays and beaches of Bodrum
The coast of Bodrum is dotted with bays, each of which is fraught with amazingly beautiful, well-equipped beaches. Almost all of them belong to hotels and are regularly cleaned. Most of the coast is covered with pebbles, but there are also areas with bulk sand. The water in the Aegean is clean, the bottom is shallow, safe for children. On the beaches there are all amenities, rental equipment, sunbeds and umbrellas (both paid – 5-10 TRY per set, and free), cafes and restaurants. Read more: what sea in Bodrum: pebbles and sand.

For the most fastidious holidaymakers open beach clubs with a paid entrance and a full range of entertainment.

The longest beaches on the peninsula are in Bitez, 7 km from the center of Bodrum. The cover here is sandy, pine trees and tangerines grow on the shore, the entrance to the water is convenient, without sharp drops in depth, which is especially appreciated by families with kids. Various activities, including windsurfing, catamarans and sailboats, are available on site. Gumbet has a completely different mood: he attracts party-goers from all over Europe with a magnet. During the day, they bask on the sandy coast, enjoy surfing, parasailing and kayaking, and at night come off in trendy clubs.

The best reputation is at Geltürkbyukyu, 15 km from Bodrum with an elite beach, along which a shady alley stretches. It’s just that the water here is cool and the winds are strong, so it’s more comfortable to conquer the wave than to swim. Turgutreis is sheltered from the nearby islands by storms, Akyarlar is famous for its magnificent landscapes, and Gumusluk is famous for its excellent fish restaurants.

Bodrum is one of the best places for diving in Turkey: the underwater world off its coast is incredibly rich, the water is warm (up to +25 ° C in summer) and transparent (you can see the details at a 20-30-meter depth). There are about 15 dive sites here, the most interesting of which are concentrated on the island of Orak. The main local beauties are a 100-meter natural wall, mysterious caves and sea sponges of all rainbow colors attached to a rocky bottom.

The cost of diving tours with equipment is from 160 TRY.

In the vicinity of the Karga and Kechek islands it is worth taking a look at the picturesque coral reefs and the anchor thrown by the once ancient Phoenician ship. Kurt-Burun is the habitat of moray eels and octopuses, Feren is famous for spectacular rock formations, Big and Small reefs – for freakish sea animals and plants.

Both beginners and professionals can dive off the Black Island, but you should not approach the shores of Iasi-hell without special preparation: the currents are strong, but dives (especially night ones) risk engaging in memory for a long time. It is forbidden to dive to the places of real shipwrecks, but enterprising Turks recreate them artificially: for example, the coast guard ship and military aircraft are flooded in the Black Island region.

Bodrum Hotels
Most hotels are located on the outskirts of Bodrum, in the center you can find only small private hotels. The shores on the peninsula are rather steep, so many fashionable establishments are equipped with special elevators that bring guests to the sea. Accommodation prices are higher than in Marmaris or Antalya, but the level of comfort is most often appropriate. Bitez, Turgutreis and Torba are suitable for family vacations, fans of nightlife should go to Gumbet, lovers of elite service and tireless windsurfers will be comfortable in Geltürkbyuk.

There are few hostels in Bodrum; a bed in a common room can be rented for 35-45 TRY per day. Accommodation in hotels “bed plus breakfast” and guest houses – from 70 TRY per day for a double room. Overnight in cozy “three rubles” – from 105 TRY, in luxurious “fives” – from 355 TRY.

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