Bodrum is the most “party” resort in Turkey, the capital of the country's nightlife with a record density of bars, nightclubs, restaurants and discos per square kilometer. There are villages…

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Izmir - ancient Smyrna, one of the 7 ancient cities, claiming the right to be called the homeland of Homer. A huge horseshoe it covers a vast bay on the…

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Kusadasi is a popular resort on the Aegean Sea with long beaches and a picturesque bay, where gulets, yachts and luxury cruise ships drop anchors. A rare Mediterranean cruise does…

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Dalyan is a pleasant little resort near the airport of Dalaman, where the main attraction is the local Iztuzu beach, where sea turtles lay their eggs from May to October.

A fishing village is located between the resorts of Marmaris and Fethiye, and it got its name from the river of the same name, at the mouth of which it stands. Because of its position, it is all indented by channels, straits, streams, through which you can successfully navigate in small boats, which the locals do quite successfully. Due to this feature, Dalyan is sometimes proudly called the “Turkish Venice”. The city is indeed very picturesque and attractive. Tourists who got here simply can not refuse a boat trip around the city.

History and Legends
The history of the town is rooted in the distant past, and, as is usually the case in such cases, is shrouded in a large number of various legends and myths. The most touching of them is connected with the complex relationship of a boy and a girl born to the son of Apollo Miletos. Locals and guides will tell a lot of its variations and show the sights associated with it. The real story of Dalyan is closely connected with the history of the ancient city of Kaunos, founded in the 10th century BC. e. Excavations are still being carried out in its vicinity, and still they give archaeologists unexpected discoveries.

It is now clear that Kaunos existed before the Byzantine period and was in ancient times a large seaport. Later, due to the formation of the Dalyan River Delta, the city was forced to move inland. Kaunos was a rich city, the ruins of buildings talking about it have survived to this day.

Weather in Dalyan
Dalyan and its environs are very clean in terms of ecology, the climate is mild Mediterranean, in winter the temperature rarely drops below +12 degrees, and in the summer it stays in the region of 29, while the water warms up to 24-29 degrees. Due to such a fertile climate, the vegetation here is lush and diverse. More than a hundred species of palm trees grow here, a wide variety of tropical flowers and fragrant herbs. A variety of birds, including rare ones, nest in the thickets.

Dalyan is also famous for its wonderful turtle beach Iztuzu, wide and picturesque. Not only tourists like the beach; giant sea turtles are constantly visiting here. For some reason, only they know, the dying turtle carriage carriage chose this beach for activities related to the continuation of the turtle family: here they mate and lay eggs, burying them to a depth of 80 cm. It is here that you can observe the turtle habits and even feed by hand – if you’re lucky. And if you are very lucky, then you can watch the little turtles: when they reach two months of age, they get out of their refuge and, in the light of the moon, unmistakably find their way to the sea. I must say, biologists know that sea turtles can not even live in poor environmental conditions, not to breed. Therefore, their sympathy for Iztuzu beach more eloquently than any advertising booklets speaks of the ecological well-being of the region.

In addition to carriage turtles, Nile turtles with a snake head are found here. Usually they make a repulsive impression on people, but they do no harm to people, they even have no teeth. True, they are still carnivorous, but they eat exclusively fish. They reach a meter in height and move fairly quickly, for turtles – surprisingly fast.

Treatment and sources
Typically, tourists come to Dalyan for one day, just to get acquainted with another attractive corner of Turkey. But there is a factor for the sake of which one can linger here for a longer period: in Dalyan and its environs there are many sources with thermal and mineral water. Legend has it that it was here that Aphrodite herself took baths. Whether this is true or not, no one knows for sure, but it has long been well known that the local springs restore vigor and strength, even if you just take a mud bath and take a shower from mineral water. Already in the I century BC. e. the inhabitants of Kaunos were aware of the miraculous powers of the local sources. During the Roman rule, a mud bath was built here. The most famous source is located near the Olmez mountain, which is 4 kilometers from the city. Its water temperature is about 39 degrees, it contains radon, sulfide and calcium chloride. The water of this source brings relief to patients with skin and gynecological diseases, as well as diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Attractions and attractions in Dalyan
You can see the ancient Lycian burials made high in the mountains, in accordance with the Lycian traditions. Unfortunately, despite the apparent inaccessibility of these tombs, among them there were no ruined. Popular with tourists and specific fishing, or rather, hunting. The prey is the local blue crab. It is considered a rare delicacy in the best restaurants in Europe. In the restaurants of the city of Dalyan, you can taste many dishes prepared from the meat of this crab.

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