The snow-white Pamukkale travertine terraces from afar are similar to the developed quarry, but, approaching them closer, you begin to understand what exactly they attract tourists from different countries. This…

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Kemer is located on the coastal strip between the sea and mountains more than 2000 m high. Its resort area includes the areas of Beldibi, Goynuk, Kirish, Camyuva, Tekirova and…

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Beldibi is a popular beach resort on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, located west of Antalya, about halfway to Kemer. This is a long building strip between the seashore and…

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Which of the domestic beach tourists do not know this resort? Antalya is the largest city on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey and one of the key centers of the Turkish Riviera. But the popularity of this city is by no means a merit of the era of global tourism. Antalya appeared on the world stage for 1.5 centuries BC. e. (then it was called Attalia by the name of the founder, Attalos II), since then many travelers have managed to visit it, including the Apostle Paul. Investing in tourism as such began here in the 1970s, and today a million guests come to the city every year.

Nowadays, Antalya is a large and rapidly developing city located just 12 km from the airport. There is a well-developed network of modern hotels, many restaurants, coffee houses in the national style, all kinds of entertainment centers and discos, countless shops, water parks. Most of the visitors see Antalya only during the transfer from the airport to the hotel. Meanwhile, the city, especially its old center, is much more than just a resort town.

Antalya areas
Antalya is divided into 5 large areas – Aksu, Kepez, Muratpaşa, Deshemealti and Konyaalti. In each of them there is something interesting for travelers.

The westernmost district of the city – Konyaalti – is popular among Russian tourists. They are attracted to well-maintained beaches and developed infrastructure: cafes, restaurants, shops and parks. There are also an aquapark, a dolphinarium, an aquarium, Beach Park and an observation deck.

Lara is the perfect place for those who want to hang out until the morning. This area is part of Muratpaşa and is considered the business and entertainment center of Antalya. There are many discos and nightclubs, and the local beach is marked with the Blue Flag. In Kaleichi (also part of Muratpash), ancient buildings, mosques and towers have been preserved.

In Deshemealti, the bazaar is of most interest. The assortment includes famous Turkish carpets, lace, hookahs. In the Kepez district you can find modern shopping centers, among the attractions – a zoo and a waterfall with an ancient cave.

The youngest resort area of ​​the city is Aksu, where the river of the same name flows into the Mediterranean Sea. The territory is actively built up with hotels, bars and other infrastructure.

Antalya beaches
The coast of Antalya is famous for its clean water and developed infrastructure. Almost everywhere, garbage is regularly cleaned, there are toilets, showers and changing cabins, you can rent umbrellas and sunbeds. Most hotels have their own beaches, which have everything you need for guests. Admission is free, but it is better to take umbrellas and towels with you so that there is something to lie down on. On paid ones, the price ranges from 5-10 TRY, to the VIP zone – 10-15 TRY. This amount includes the use of umbrellas and sunbeds.

One of the most popular holiday destinations among youth is Beach Park. It stretches for 1.5 km along the coast and is a series of small paid beaches. During the day, water activities work there, and at night there are beach parties.

The cleanest beach in Antalya is Topcham in the Olympos National Park.

Lara Beach is perfect for families with children – the rocky coast is covered with fine white sand, the entrance to the water is gentle, it is awarded the Blue Flag for cleanliness and environmental friendliness. Admission is free, rental of umbrellas and deck chairs – 10 TRY.

Konyaalti Beach is divided into free and paid areas. The first is practically not landscaped, but it’s calm and comfortable there – the coast is clean, there are bins and changing rooms. In the second, having paid for the entrance, you can use the shower, toilet, umbrellas and sun loungers. There is where to have a snack and take soft drinks. Along the shore, it quickly and unexpectedly deepens, you need to swim with children very carefully.

The cleanest beach in Antalya – Topcham – is located on the territory of the Olympos National Park. It attracts vacationers with clear water, picturesque views and silence. There are no bars and clubs, loud music and extreme water activities. Admission is free, you can rent a sunbed. The coating is sand and pebble, the entrance to the water is smooth, it is safe to bathe the kids.

Diving in Antalya
There are many dive sites near the coast of Antalya. The choice of places for diving is large – there are safe for beginners and those where experienced divers will not have to be bored. An inspection by the Turkish authorities will be required to inspect the most interesting sites for wreck lovers. Without it, diving in the area of ​​the sunken French ship San Didier and the American military aircraft is prohibited. Near the coast there are other sites interesting from the point of view of wreck diving – the antique ship Gelidonia and a specially flooded aircraft of the Turkish air force.

The underwater world of the Mediterranean Sea is diverse – on rocky formations, near small islands and in underwater caves there are moray eels, tuna, turtles and even dolphins.

The resort has several diving centers. Vacationers are offered trial dives for beginners, training according to international standards, safaris to remote and complex sites for experienced divers, etc.

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