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Afyon, although it is located at some distance from large cities, is quite well known both in Turkey and abroad. Thanks to two of his chips. Firstly, the archaic way of life, slowly flowing surrounded by authentic quarters of the Ottoman era. Secondly, in the vicinity of Afyon there are several thermal springs around which large balneological resorts are built. So, you can “shoot two birds with one stone” – to get acquainted with the real, non-postcard lifestyle of ordinary Turks and simultaneously improve your health “on the waters”, while getting far from a provincial level of service. Contributes to the popularity of the city and its relatively convenient location in the immediate vicinity of Ankara, Istanbul and Antalya.

How to get to Afyon
From Istanbul Airport, take the metro to Otogari Station. From there, comfortable buses leave for Afyon every 1.5 hours. Travel time is 8 hours.

The way from Ankara is much faster, but from Moscow without transfers you can get there only on Monday, Thursday and Saturday by Turkish Airlines. At Ankara airport you need to take bus number 442 and get off at Ashti train station. Buses to Afyon run from there only until noon and in the evening, on the way – 2.5 hours.

It is most convenient to get from Antalya – Aeroflot and Onur Air fly there from Moscow several times a day. From the airport, a shuttle bus will take you to the bus station in half an hour. From there, about 8 flights depart daily to Afyon, travel time: 4 hours. You can check the schedule and buy tickets at the office. website of the carrier Metro.

City public transport – minibuses and taxis. But they are unlikely to be needed, all the most interesting is in its central part. Mostly transport is used by those who wish to visit the thermal resorts. A trip to Gazlygol costs 40-50 TRY, to Hudai – 20-25 TRY.

In the vicinity of Afyon, several bicycle routes have been laid, which you can ride on a rented bicycle – there are rental offices in the city. Bikes are available at some hotels. Parking in the city is free. A trip around the city by taxi costs 8-12 TRY.

Afyon Hotels
Afyon hotels can be divided into two parts: located directly in the city and near thermal springs. In the first case, these are “starless” but clean and comfortable hotels, most of which are in the center. The average cost of living is 150-170 TRY per day with breakfast.

But near the thermal springs in Hudai and Gazlygol – housing for every taste and budget. Accommodation in a five-star hotel costs 370-400 TRY, in a three-star hotel – 200 TRY per night. Rent an apartment for a day in Afyon can be for 180-200 TRY, in Hudai and Gazlygol – for 150 TRY.

In order to improve the health, Afyon is visited annually by 700 thousand people. Because of what, it is sometimes called the thermal capital of Turkey. Its healing springs were known 4000 years ago, and for centuries, the inhabitants of ancient Macedonia, Thracians, Romans, and Byzantines improved their health here. The most popular are the thermal complexes Hudai and Gazlygol.

Hudai, located 8 km from the city, is famous for mud baths. Water with a temperature of +60 ° C from a thermal spring rises to the surface from a depth of 500 m. In the resort it is mixed with mud and a viscous mixture is obtained with a temperature of +45 ° C. It is used for applications that effectively eliminate rheumatism, neuralgia and female diseases.

Gazlygol Thermal Complex is 21 km from Afyon. The chemical and mineralogical composition of its sources is almost the same. Only the water temperature is slightly higher, +64 ° C. Gazlygol specializes in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, and cardiovascular diseases. Buses run regularly to both thermal complexes from Afyon Bus Station.

What to bring from Afyon
As a souvenir, you can bring ceramics or leather goods with national motives. Also considered popular gifts are chess sets made of marble, forged jewelry made of copper, carpets, silk bedspreads. From edible – dry sausages, cranberry jam, cherry jam. All this is sold in artisan shops in the area of ​​Ataturk Ave.

Cuisine and restaurants
Some archaic life in Afyon is visible even in supermarkets – they don’t sell alcohol at all, and in a cafe you can buy a maximum of beer. But there are absolutely no problems with food. Main local dishes: “sudzhuk”, spicy beef sausage on the grill, “atli pide”, pizza with ground beef filling, “aji achik”, a pie with cheese or lentils, “keshkek” – boiled peas, stewed with meat.

There are no expensive restaurants in the city, the bill for dinner for one rarely exceeds 50 TRY. Fast food standard for Turkey – delicious kebabs and deners for 2-3 TRY.

Attractions Afyon
The symbol of Afyon is considered a 220-meter mountain, literally soaring above the old quarters. While climbing the 700 steps of a steep staircase, there are trees decorated with colorful ribbons – a sure sign that the mountain was a holy place in pre-Islamic times. At the top is an ancient fortress.

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