Kusadasi is a popular resort on the Aegean Sea with long beaches and a picturesque bay, where gulets, yachts and luxury cruise ships drop anchors. A rare Mediterranean cruise does…

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Side vs Alanya
It so happened that for most Russians, vacationing in Turkey is a holiday with crowded Mediterranean beaches, noisy parties and trendy music, endless labyrinths of oriental bazaars. Can the local…

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Side vs Alanya
It so happened that for most Russians, vacationing in Turkey is a holiday with crowded Mediterranean beaches, noisy parties and trendy music, endless labyrinths of oriental bazaars. Can the local…

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Alanya is an atmospheric resort town on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Despite the distance from the airports, it is popular among vacationers. Tourists are attracted by the warm sea, Blue Flag beaches and affordable prices. Here for everyone there is a rest for everyone’s liking and pocket. Fans of secluded relaxation can use areas remote from party places where you can sip refreshing drinks on the beach in silence and never get out of the hotel. Young people will enjoy club hotels and noisy parties near the marina and in the resort center.

For those who can not imagine a vacation without excursions and trips, there are many attractions in the city and its environs – towers, ancient fortresses, mosques and other buildings. Of natural beauty, Alanya caves with stalactites, stalagmites and underground lakes are of particular interest.

How to get to Alanya
The nearest airport is in the town of Gazipasa and receives flights from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Kazan. Direct flights are in the schedule of the capital Vnukovo, but they are few, all other routes with transfers. Without connecting on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, Pobeda planes ply there and back. The journey takes a little less than 4 hours, the cost of tickets in both directions – from 310 USD. With transfers in Helsinki, Istanbul and Ankara, Finnair, Turkish Airlines and Pegasus Airlines fly. Prices start from 260 USD, on the road – from 7 to 25 hours. Prices on the page are for October 2018.

The airport of neighboring Antalya receives much more flights from Russia, many direct. The cost of tickets is significantly lower, the difference reaches 150 USD. However, the journey to the hotel will take more time.

Flights from the Northern capital are organized by Turkish Airlines and Aeroflot. Routes with at least one change – in Moscow, Istanbul, Antalya and Ankara. The price of round-trip tickets is from 520 USD, the journey takes 10-25 hours.

Holidays in Alanya: everything you need to know | Prices, beaches, food, sea, hotels and all inclusive. Take a look:

From the airport to the city
Gazipasa-Alanya Airport is 40 km from the city. Havas shuttles go to the resort (official website in English), travel time – 1.5 hours, fare – 16-18 TRY. The final stop of the route is the bus station, you will have to go to the hotel by taxi or dolmushe – 15-30 or 3-5 TRY, respectively. For those who do not want to shake in public transport, there is a taxi. On average, a trip to a hotel will cost 100-130 TRY and take about 40 minutes.

Antalya Airport is located 125 km from Alanya. It will take 1.5-3 hours. By public transport you first need to get to the Central Bus Station. There, bus number 600 runs every half hour, the ticket price is 6 TRY, and it takes 30-40 minutes to get there. Next, you need to transfer to the intercity route to Alanya – another 2.5 hours and about 27 TRY. A taxi ride will cost about 180 TRY.

Public transport is well developed. About 20 bus and dolmush routes run in the city. They are divided into municipal and private. The former walk along the main streets, while the latter can be reached almost anywhere in the city. The fare in the central part of the resort is 2.5 TRY, on long-distance routes it can reach up to 4.5 TRY. You need to buy tickets from the driver at the entrance through the front door, the rear ones are used to exit.

Those who plan to travel a lot by public transport should buy a Kentkart e-ticket, one trip will cost you 1.75 TRY, the price of one card is 5 TRY, which will already be on the account. Only valid on municipal buses.

Taxis can be taken in the parking lot, called by phone or using the usual buttons for poles and trees in Turkey. Private carriage is prohibited, all official taxis are equipped with counters. Sometimes drivers go to different tricks – the taximeter suddenly breaks or accidentally switches to a night tariff. You should not believe this – a broken device starts to work as soon as a tourist decides to refuse a trip. Travel around the city will cost 40-50 TRY, at night – 2 times more expensive.

For lovers of outdoor activities along the coast, bicycle rental terminals are installed. You will need a Visa or Mastercard, on which 150 TRY pledge for each will be blocked during registration. The cost of the first hour is 0.25 TRY, then 2 TRY per hour, but not more than 10 TRY per day. Within 24 hours, the bicycle must be returned to the parking lot, otherwise the blocked funds will be permanently deducted from the card.

Alanya beaches
Alanya beaches are considered one of the best in Turkey. The water is clean and clear, the infrastructure is well developed, the order is carefully monitored. The beach is covered with white sand with a yellowish tint, in some places there are smooth pebbles and tiny pebbles. Almost on the entire coast there are locker rooms, rental of umbrellas and sun loungers, beach bars and cafes, but the prices for food and drinks are 1.5-2 times higher than in stores. Toilets are paid – 2-4 TRY.

For ecological cleanliness and high level of service, local beaches are periodically awarded the Blue Flag.

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