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Adana is the fourth largest and most important city in Turkey. The city is almost clearly divided into the old part with mosques, noisy bazaars and hotels, and the modern active Europeanized “new city”.

According to legend, the city was founded by Adanus, the son of a titan of Uranus.

The first settlements appeared on the territory of Adana in the 14th century BC. e., then this strategic place in all respects was chosen (and captured) by the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuk Turks. Later Adana became part of the Ottoman Empire. All civilizations that have disappeared have left their mark on the “old Adana”, so the city is ready to open many secrets to an inquisitive tourist.

Tourist office
Adana’s tourist office is located at Ataturk Cad 13, where the ring road intersects with the E5 highway. The office is open on business days from 8-00 to 17-00; tel .: (0322) 359-19-94.

How to get to Adana
You can fly to Adana by plane from Istanbul, Antalya, Izmir and Ankara. Sakirpasa Airport is located on the outskirts of the city. The most convenient way to get to the center is by taxi or Dolmush (minibus).

From many cities in Turkey, including Istanbul and Ankara, Adana can be reached with daily trains. The journey from Ankara will take 14 hours, but the landscapes extending beyond the windows of the train are worth it.

Buses arrive in Adana from Ankara, Istanbul (12 hours), Izmir and nearby towns. There are two bus stations in Adana, one located almost in the center of the city near the Hilton Hotel, the other 4 km west of the center; a local bus runs between stations.

To get to Adana by car, you must drive along the D-400 highway and the TEM international highway. You will have to overcome 470 km from Ankara, 900 km from Istanbul. But from Mersin drive only half an hour.

You can move around the city by light metro, city bus and dolmushi. The historic city center can be easily walked around.

Adana Hotels
Hilton Adana – the highest building of Adana, is located on the banks of the Seyhan River in the heart of the city. The five-star Hilton holds high the brand of the Hilton hotel chain and provides guests with maximum comfort.

Another 5 star hotel – Surmeli Cukurova – is located five minutes from the airport, the historical and commercial center of the city. The four-star service is provided by the modern Mavi Surmeli Hotel and the traditional Akkoc Butik Hotel.

Budget accommodation options are presented by Inci Hotel, which is located in a shopping and entertainment complex with bars, a disco and a rich nightlife, and Sedef is a modern hotel located one kilometer from the city center. Super-budget hotels: Konya and Garajlar are located near a large mosque. True, for all amenities (including air conditioning and a bathroom) you will have to pay separately.

Cuisine and restaurants
In Adana, you must definitely try Adana-kebab – spicy lamb sausage. Following the traditions of Turkish cuisine, drink it with Şalgam (turnip juice) or raki (traditional Turkish alcoholic drink). Traditional cuisine can be found in the restaurants Kazancilar, Sercan, Yüzevler and Bici Bici.

In Adana there is a network of Mado pastry shops – sweets and ice cream are more expensive than in other institutions of the city, but amazingly tasty. There are Starbucks coffee houses for coffee lovers in Adana, for those who like to plunge into the exotic you can recommend Nargile Bar (hookah bar), in which Turkish music plays all night long.
Attractions and attractions of Adana
The Archaeological Museum on the “modern” northern side of the city is open from Thursday to Sunday from 8-30 to 16-30. Not far from the museum rises the majestic Sabancı-Merkez mosque, built in 1999, with the highest dome in Turkey. The mosque accommodates almost 30 thousand believers and is third in the world in size. Not far from the mosque, an ancient (2nd century AD), but still functioning Roman Tash-Kopru bridge, is thrown across the river.

In the center of the city, on the other side of the river, is the Ulu Mosque, built in the early 16th century as the tomb of the then emir. Nearby are the Turkish baths of the 16th century Charshi Hamam.

In addition, in the old city you should definitely see the Yag Mosque, built in 1502 on the site of the Christian church, as well as the Ethnographic Museum complex, in the premises of the former mosque (working hours from Thursday to Sunday from 8-30 to 16-30).

Adana Neighborhood
Adana from the point of view of an understanding tourist is strategically located. You can take a series of one-day (or half-day) excursions in the vicinity of Adana. Among the recommended trips:

The small town of Tarsus with sights of Roman and biblical times (Cleopatra’s gate, Roman roads, St. Paul’s well). In Tarsa, be sure to buy the local Turkish delight.
Mersin is a city on the coast 65 km west of Adana with beautiful mosques and Flamingo Park.
Kishkalesi is a castle on the island, 100 km west of Adana.
Karatepe – the ruins of a Het city in a pine forest near the reservoir to the northeast of the city.

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