Kas is one of the most “non-Turkish” resorts in Turkey, located in a fairly closed place, at the junction of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas, surrounded on three sides by…

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Troy (Truva, Troy) - a city located in the northwestern part of Anatolia, near the Dardanelles and Mount Ida, is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Troy is known…

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The snow-white Pamukkale travertine terraces from afar are similar to the developed quarry, but, approaching them closer, you begin to understand what exactly they attract tourists from different countries. This…

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Tourism in Turkey

Tourism in Turkey is the most profitable and developing sector of the economy, providing prosperity to many Turkish citizens. This unique country is located at the junction of Asia and Europe and ranks sixth in terms of attendance in the world. About 35 million people come to Turkish resort areas annually, and this figure is constantly growing.

Tourism in Turkey is represented not only by all-inclusive hotels, but also by a wide range of historical and natural attractions, the legendary hospitality of local residents and a rich national heritage. Delicious dishes of Turkish cuisine, characteristic music and folklore, unique monuments of nature, architecture, history, the impressive beauty of the Turkish coast, the highest peaks, picturesque rivers, lakes and valleys, the ruins of ancient cities and much, much more makes Turkey an interesting tourist area, the source of the brightest impressions.

If you had a chance to relax in one of the Turkish resorts, but could not leave the beach area of ​​the hotel, then you have never seen real Turkey – the cradle of the most ancient civilizations of the East.

Recreational tourism in Turkey
Beach tourism. For many tourists, Turkey remains a beach paradise, a symbol of a real summer vacation. The unique geographical location of the Anatolian Peninsula, washed by the Black, Marmara, Aegean and Mediterranean Seas, makes it one of the largest resort areas in the world. The coastal strip of Turkey is more than 8 thousand km, the high mountains come close to it, leaving a place for gorgeous beaches with clear sea water. About 350 beaches and 20 berths of Turkey were awarded with a special symbol of cleanliness – the Blue Flag. The largest number of clean beaches are in the Turkish provinces of Antalya and Mugla. Popular beach resorts in Turkey: Antalya, Alanya, Kemer, Belek, Side, Fethiye, Marmaris, Bodrum and Kusadasi.

Wellness tourism. Pure water and air, mild climate, a large number of geothermal springs make Turkey an ideal place for recovery. Dozens of hospitals, baths, beauty and rejuvenation centers provide their services to tourists from all over the world at prices well below European prices. The so-called “health tourism” in Turkey is also a treatment with marine resources, Dead Sea mud, and mineral springs. The largest health resorts in Turkey – Pamukkale, Yalova and Kangal.

Yacht tourism. Thanks to the proximity of the four seas, Turkey has become a real haven for yachtsmen. Yacht tourism is most developed in the western coastal zone. In the bays of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas, many yacht marinas created by famous yacht clubs have been created, and the presence of a scattering of islands and unique beauty bays makes sailing one of the most spectacular types of tourism in Turkey. The largest number of marinas is concentrated near such ports as Istanbul, Marmaris, Bodrum, Gocek and Finike.

Historical tourism. Turkey is a huge historical region in which the great empires of antiquity left their mark: Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman. 13 of the largest civilizations in the world originated in the lands of Turkey. The three great religions — Judaism, Christianity, and Islam — defined the country’s rich spiritual heritage. No country in the world has so many historical and cultural monuments as in Turkey. The famous ruins of ancient cities, ancient temples, mosques, churches, theaters, palaces and madrassas (schools at mosques), as well as the Silk Road caravanserais are mute witnesses of the greatness of past eras. More than 100 cultural heritage sites of Turkey are protected by UNESCO. Among the historical sights of this country, the most famous are: memorial sites of Istanbul – a real “open-air museum”, the city of Troy, the cave monasteries of Cappadocia, the sights of Konya, the temples of Ephesus, the funeral complex on Mount Nemrut, the mausoleum of Mausoleum (one of the world wonders ) in Bodrum.

Active tourism in Turkey
Hiking Tracking in Turkey is represented by 17 tourist routes, most of which are located in the west of the country. The most popular of them is the Lycian Trail – the first marked route for tourists laid on the territory of historical Lycia, one of the longest in the world. Among tourists, not only long walking tours are popular, but also small weekend trips (usually to the nearest attractions of the resorts). In recent years, residents of the CIS countries began to go hiking in Turkey.

Sports tourism. This is not only the hiking mentioned above, but also numerous subspecies of sports tourism, among which there are:

– ski holidays (winter resorts Kartalkaya, Sarykamysh, Palandoken and Uludag),

– visit to the numerous caves of the Taurus Mountains (Pynargyozu, Chukurpynar),

– rafting and body rafting (on the rivers Goynuk, Keprylu, Melen, Chorukh, Dalaman, Alara, etc.),

– overcoming natural obstacles on bicycles, horses, motorcycles and cars,

– sailing tourism (in particular on yachts),

Troy (Truva, Troy) - a city located in the northwestern part of Anatolia, near the Dardanelles and Mount Ida, is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Troy is known…


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