Trabzon - formerly known as Trabzund, is a city on the Black Sea in northeastern Turkey, the capital of the province of the same name. Once located on the Great…

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Side vs Alanya
It so happened that for most Russians, vacationing in Turkey is a holiday with crowded Mediterranean beaches, noisy parties and trendy music, endless labyrinths of oriental bazaars. Can the local…

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Dalyan is a pleasant little resort near the airport of Dalaman, where the main attraction is the local Iztuzu beach, where sea turtles lay their eggs from May to October.…

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Marmaris vs Kemer

Holidays in Turkey with a Russian tourist are associated primarily with the warm sea, sun-drenched beaches, noisy attractions, shopping and the all-inclusive system. But not all Turkish resorts are the same. Yes, and if you look closely, they offer guests a far from similar set of entertainment and activities. Each region, despite the presence of absolutely common features, is unique, and often surprises and even shockes with the surprises of the most advanced and demanding tourists.

Marmaris and Kemer are two completely different resorts in Turkey. The first is still being studied by Russians, while the second traditionally leads the top of popularity. At the same time, both are unique. Both the climate and the format of tourist life itself. Let’s try to figure out which resort to prefer this summer: Marmaris or Kemer?

It is called the corner of Europe in the heart of Turkey, and this is the real truth. Atypical for a Muslim country multi-colored villas with tiled roofs, cozy shops instead of multi-storey shopping centers and markets, the backstage aristocratic atmosphere – all this is Marmaris. Once built for rich English and Dutch, the resort has gradually expanded the geography of guests, and now you can meet anyone here – from prim Germans in “suites” to local hippies in beach bungalows.

Marmaris vs Kemer: where better to relax this summer 2019?

Conventionally, the beaches of Marmaris are divided into two categories: the bustling municipal coast and suburban coastal areas at hotels with perfect cleanliness and order. Entrance to the beach is almost everywhere free, but the more stars at the hotel to which it belongs, the higher the likelihood that “strangers” will not be allowed there even for money, and it will still be necessary to prove that you are a guest.

The most popular beaches are nooks near the villages of Kumbuluk, Turuch and Icmeler, but you need to go by taxi or walk 5-7 kilometers. Almost everywhere a shallow sandbank safe for children, waves are rare. Rental of sun loungers on some beaches is “relatively free” – for example, it is included in the price of drinks in the local bar.

Marmaris can offer outdoor activities of the “expensive” format – yacht rental for fishing or romantic walks, diving and individual excursions. Young people come here in search of parties – nightclubs and disco bars work all summer, and theme parties in the open air are not childish.

Holidays with children in Marmaris are also appropriate. Here is a large offer of hotels with animators, governesses and nannies. There are only two branded Turkish water parks, they are not as large as in neighboring resorts, but relatively inexpensive, which, of course, will please parents. Playgrounds and separate play areas for the smallest are always at hand.

Marmaris vs Kemer: where better to relax this summer 2019?

You can evaluate shopping in Marmaris in two words: it is expensive and boring. Stores still rely on price tags for wealthy Europeans and those who never trade. There are several large shopping malls, and they stand at a distance from the tourist areas. On the shelves, mainly clothes from Turkish brands and “replicas” of fashion houses of local tailoring and dubious quality.

Things are much more interesting in the central market – here all summer leather and suede craftsmen, jewelers and craftsmen trade with which you can and even need to bargain. The working hours of the bazaars are non-standard: most of the pavilions are open only on Thursdays and Sundays, and in the evening, customers receive guaranteed discounts.

As such, the sights of Marmaris are concentrated in the old quarters of the city, and there are very few of them – a couple of museums and an ancient fortress. Tourists must be taken to the Hafs caravanserai, which has been standing here since the 16th century. Once it housed the Ottoman garrison, now – souvenir shops, several cafes and traditional shops.

Marmaris vs Kemer: where better to relax this summer 2019?

Much more interesting are excursions in the surroundings. Here is the island of Sedir, with which the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra is associated, and the thermal springs of Pamukkale, which attracts most of the excursion groups in all of Turkey. If you wish, you can visit the ruins of the ancient Greek Ephesus, where once there was a temple of Artemis, by the way, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Who will suit
To youth companies – for night clubs and parties.
Wealthy tourists – for the European level of service.
Lovers of antiquity – for the neighborhoods rich in sights.
For tourists with children – for water parks and specialized family hotels.
If Marmaris seek to show how the “European window”, then Kemer is a typical Turkish resort, which for many years claims to be the first in terms of the flow of tourists from Russia. The town is located in a secluded bay surrounded by mountains and pine forests, which already gives it a unique atmosphere of a place ideal for family tourists, elderly couples and those who love the all-inclusive system.

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