Marmaris vs Kemer
Holidays in Turkey with a Russian tourist are associated primarily with the warm sea, sun-drenched beaches, noisy attractions, shopping and the all-inclusive system. But not all Turkish resorts are the…

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On the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, at the foot of the Turkish mountains covered with forests, lies the ancient “city of the sun” – the picturesque Fethiye. From a bird’s eye view, the resort looks like a postcard – a long, continuous strip of beaches, turquoise lagoons and yachts parked along the coast.

This elegant town is popular with lovers of a relaxing holiday. Tourists tired of noisy cities come here to breathe in the cleanest air and get a tan on Cleopatra’s beach, walk along the Butterfly Valley with a butterfly net, paraglide from Mount Babadag, take a boat ride to the habitat of giant turtles. Fethiye gives its unique flavor its historical sights – witnesses of its glory in ancient times. The main and most impressive of them is the Lycian tombs carved into the rock.

Fethiye beaches
Fethiye is a seaside town, but there are no beaches within it. The nearest recreation area – Calis Beach – is located in the village of the same name, a 15-minute drive from the resort center. Pebble-sand Calis is popular among tourists – there is all the infrastructure, and the views are amazing. Admission is free, but renting a deck chair or umbrella will cost about 6-7 TRY. Vacationers complain of muddy water and pitfalls. In this regard, it is more convenient to swim in the morning, when the afternoon breeze did not break the transparency of the sea.

The beaches of the village of Oludeniz, which is 15 km from Fethiye, are not inferior in beauty to the best resorts in the world. “Unreal colors”, “heavenly place”, “breathtaking” – this is how tourists describe these lands. Business card Oludeniz – Blue Lagoon Beach. Since it is located in a conservation area, entry here is paid – 7 TRY. Umbrellas and sunbeds are also charged at 10 TRY.

The main and more spacious beach of the Oludeniz resort is Belcekiz (free), from where boats to the Butterfly Valley depart. Another beautiful beach in these parts is Kidrak (6 TRY per entrance). They come here for solitude, as in Patara – sultry, deserted and not suitable for a family vacation. But lovers of wild, unspoiled nature, winds and antiquities will love Patara Beach.

Fethiye waters are great for diving. Fans of diving are attracted by a variety of flora and fauna – in the depths you can find stone perches – groupers, dangerous moray eels, crayfish, stars, octopuses, sea horses. In Dalyan Bay, children are allowed to dive. Experienced divers prefer the Afkule Cave and Barracuda Reef. The most popular place for divers of any category is Saryyarlar.

A test dive will cost the beginner 342 TRY. From 1600 TRY will be worth a week-long underwater adventure.

Fethiye Hotels
About a hundred Fethiye hotels offer customers accommodation at very reasonable prices. In the city and the immediate vicinity, accommodation in hotels with two or three “stars” will cost 150-170 TRY per day. Class 4 and 5 * hotels – 405-550 TRY.

Check-in near protected areas is more expensive – 800 TRY in a 5 * hotel, from 400 TRY – in a 3 * hotel room. The all-inclusive system is widespread in Turkey, such a service is provided mainly by the five.

You can live in a budget at local hostels – from 62 TRY per day. Prices for accommodation in mini-hotels and guest houses differ little from hotel prices; you can find an option for 104-140 TRY per night.

Tourists note the Club & Hotel Letoonia located on the peninsula, which can only be reached by water. Orka Boutique Hotel is also on the list of the best.

What to bring
Shopping lovers should better prepare before traveling to Fethiye – plan their budget and leave more space in their suitcases. After all, shopping in Turkey is pleasant, because it’s cheap, but still interesting – because the east.

Turkish tea and sweets will be a great overseas treat. Ceramic souvenirs are also worth a look – richly painted saucers and bowls can be used for their intended purpose or as an interior decor. As a rule, one cannot do without buying jewelry – the prices for jewelry are low, and the quality and design will impress the most demanding customer.

Textiles and leather are two more items on the list of compulsory acquisitions. Scarves, clothes, including outerwear, home textiles – all this is in Fethiye. In recent years, Turkish manufacturers have headed for shoes – its quality has improved markedly. Clothing and shoe stores are located on the street. Ataturk, st. No. 95 (95 sokak) and Carsi Caddesi.

Clothing and textiles are best purchased in stores, rather than in a market where the quality of the product is questionable. And – east all the same – bargaining is absolutely necessary, the price tag can be brought down by 20-30%. Gold earrings will cost around 200 TRY, leather prices start at 850 TRY.

Cuisine & Restaurants Fethiye
Fethiye will please the guest with every taste and budget – in the city and its environs there are many cafes, restaurants, bars, there are also night clubs. Most food outlets are concentrated along the beaches.

Turks love and know how to cook. 5 minutes – and the table is covered with a mosaic of plates with bright sauces, fragrant cakes, nuts, dried fruits, spicy sauces, olives

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