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Black Sea coast of Turkey

The Black Sea coast of Turkey, located in the north of the country and stretching from Istanbul to the border with Georgia, is famous for its beauty, an abundance of greenery, alpine lakes and glaciers. But of course, the main wealth of the region – the Black Sea – is a crossroads of the ancient world. From the Balkans in the west, Europe in the north, the Caucasus and Central Asia in the east, Asia Minor and Mesopotamia in the south, people constantly moved through the Black Sea for trade and war.

Some of the ancient sea ports of the Black Sea coast of Turkey are older than the Egyptian pyramids.

The plateau and coast of the Black Sea regions with its rich flora and fauna, the opportunity not only to relax at sea, but also to walk in the mountains, go rafting, canoeing, enjoy winter sports, hunting and fishing attracts everyone who does not like the heat of the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts. The Turks themselves, by the way, prefer to relax on the Black Sea coast of their country.

Weather on the Black Sea coast of Turkey
The climate of the coast is Mediterranean with a transition to the subtropical. The mountains impede the penetration of cold air from the central regions of the country, therefore it is humid and warm. In summer, the temperature is around + 23C, in winter – about + 7C.

The Black Sea coast has the most rainfall in Turkey during the year, it rains mainly from October to March.

The cuisine of the region is characterized by a persistent love of fish and seafood. The main “highlight” of the menu is hamsa. This fish is added wherever possible. We advise you to try the soup with hamsa and tomatoes Hamsi Corbasi, and pilaf with hamsa – Hamsili Pilav.

Delicious cheeses are in this part of Turkey, as Ogma peyniri cheese is made with herbs and spices and will become the highlight of any breakfast. And for dessert, order Helvasi Hemşin – a cake with walnuts and pistachios.

The beaches of the Black Sea coast of Turkey
The eastern part of the coast, which boasts an abundance of historical monuments and the presence of large ports where cruise ships sail, attracts tourists. Almost high mountains approaching the sea, dotted with narrow canyons, resort towns follow one after another, so you can always find a secluded beach surrounded by beautiful landscapes and accessible thanks to the numerous “dolmushi” plying along the coast.

The western part of the coast has relatively good beaches and low mountains. This is where the residents of Istanbul prefer to relax.

Attractions and attractions of the Black Sea coast of Turkey
The Black Sea coast is an ideal find for tourists who prefer to combine independent sightseeing with an indispensable beach holiday. The whole story from the legendary Jason and the Argonauts to the present day is captured in the historical monuments of the cities of the region. And on the coast there are many places for hiking and walking in the mountains and valleys, along picturesque lakes.

We list the main tourist “pearls” that you need to see if you come to the Black Sea coast:

Amasya, in which there are ruins of a medieval castle, mansions of the Ottoman Empire and an archaeological museum with a huge number of exhibits.
In Riesa you can visit as many as four Byzantine castles. In the Hampshin Valley, south of Rize, mountain lovers will find something to their liking.
Samsun, providing you with an extensive concert program, Ataturk Museum and the oldest mosque in the city – Pazar. To the south of Samsun in the Havza region are thermal springs.
Sinop – offering to explore the ancient fortress (it is a former prison). Now it is one of the most famous tourist sites in Turkey.
Also, the Ottoman city of Safranbolu belongs to the “top class” attractions
In Trabzon, visit the Sumela rock monastery, built at the site of the discovery of the miraculous icon in 346.
Nature lovers will be attracted by the mountain lake Borabay, located in the crater of the volcano. The lake is famous for trout fishing and picnic places with stunning views of the surroundings.

Black Sea coast of Turkey
Where to stay: in the fun port city of Trabzon.
What to see: the ancient city of the Great Silk Road Safranbolu or the Pearl of the Bosphorus – magnificent Istanbul.
You may also be interested in Greece, Egypt, Spain, Italy, Thailand.
The most popular Turkish cities and resorts: Alanya, Belek, Bodrum, Kemer, Side, Istanbul.

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