Cappadocia, the historical region located in the central part of the country, is called the heart of today's Turkey. This region is interesting not only for its extraordinary nature, but…

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The Princes' Islands is an archipelago of nine islands that are administratively one of the districts of the province of Istanbul. They got their name due to the purpose by…

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Adana is the fourth largest and most important city in Turkey. The city is almost clearly divided into the old part with mosques, noisy bazaars and hotels, and the modern…

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Tekirdag, surrounded on the one hand by the Sea of ​​Marmara, and on the other, by the endless fields of cereals and sunflowers, has a rich history. It began 6000 years ago, and during this time the Greeks, Venetians, and Romans managed to rule the city. From the 14th century, it became first Ottoman, and then Turkish.

Tekirdag is not the most obvious option for a targeted tourist trip, but as a city where you can unwind after the noise of Istanbul, it is quite suitable. And the fact that at one time he was part of Thrace, suggests that the local museums are a real storehouse of beautiful exhibits of the once powerful kingdom.

Tekirdag Hotels
Despite its location, the city is not considered a tourist center – the sea here is quite dirty and with large waves, so there are no beaches, and there are few hotels. However, their number does not affect the quality. In Tekirdag, there is one single five-star Ramada hotel located in the southwestern suburbs. Standard double room with breakfast and access to a small water park costs 373 TRY per day.

There are no 4 * hotels in the city, but the “three-stars” are for the most part located in the city center, they can be accommodated for 240 TRY. Apartments locals rent for 170-210 TRY. There are no hostels.

What to bring
20 km from Tekirdag is the village of Karadzhakalavuz, whose inhabitants produce carpets, bedspreads and handmade bags. The products of artisans, based on centuries-old, still pre-Ottoman traditions, can be bought in the building of the Directorate of Culture (88 Ataturk Ave.).

Cuisine and restaurants in Tekirdag
The main Tekirdag delicacy is “kofesesi”, ground beef sausages with spices. They say that many people specially come for the weekend from Istanbul, only to enjoy this dish. Usually they are served with fresh vegetables or rolled in pita bread. Since Tekirdag is a seaside town, they love and know how to cook fish here.

By the way, some restaurants do not serve alcoholic drinks. This is evidenced by a special sign at the entrance. Tasty and satisfying dinner in the cafe can be for 40-50 TRY per person.

Fast food in Tekirdag is represented by kebabs or “doner” (3-5 TRY) and American-style restaurants with burgers, french fries and cola.

Tekirdag is not very rich in architectural attractions. This is a clean, well-kept town, in which several quarters of the 19th century buildings have been preserved. Most of the buildings there are sad two-story wooden houses. Such ancient areas are located in two places: to the west of the bus station and next to the Museum of Archeology and Ethnography (1 Barbaros Cadessi St.). The museum’s exposition, housed in the building of the governor’s mansion in 1928, consists almost entirely of finds from the Thracian period. Among the main exhibits is the mummified and reconstructed body of King Thrace Kerseppleptes. On the second floor, devoted to ethnography, the restored room of the 19th century Tekirdag family is of greatest interest. In the courtyard of the museum are presented sarcophagi and tombstones of the peoples that once inhabited the region: Greeks, Byzantines, and Armenians. Entrance: 2 TRY.

The main religious building of the city is the Rustem Pasha Mosque of 1553 (5 Mimara Sinan St.). This is a creation of the famous Ottoman architect, author of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul and the Selemiye Mosque in Edirne.

The climate of Tekirdag can be described as an amazing mixture of Mediterranean and continental. It has hot, dry summers with unexpectedly rainy August and relatively cold winters with occasional snow. The most popular time to visit is autumn, with its mild and comfortable weather until November. At this time, locals love to swim – the sea ceases to be overly worried.

How to get to Tekirdag
The city is 140 km from Istanbul. Arriving at the airport to them. Ataturk, you need to get to the main bus station in the European part of the city. It is located next to the Otogar metro station. Buses to Tekirdag depart every hour, after 2 hours 20 minutes they arrive at their destination. You can check the schedule and buy tickets at the office. website of the Metro bus carrier. A taxi ride from the airport to the city will cost 310-380 TRY.

Public transport of the city is represented by minibuses: municipal (dark blue color with the route number) and private (arbitrary color). The ticket needs to be bought only from the driver, payment in cash. You can sit and go outside the bus stops. To sit down, you should wave your hand, and go out – shout “Injekvar”.

There are taxis, however, for some reason they are twice as expensive as in Istanbul. A trip around the city will cost 20-30 TRY. In general, Tekirdag, especially its central part, can be perfectly explored on foot.

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