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Attractions, excursions and attractions in Marmaris

The sights of Marmaris are, first of all, ancient ruins and historical monuments, as well as numerous natural beauties.

One of the main visited places of the city is the fortress. Marmaris is located very well, therefore it is not surprising that from time to time someone aggressively claimed it. In 1522, by decree of Suleiman the Magnificent, a fortress was erected around the city, which protected it from enemies and was well preserved to this day.

The Calais Castle houses the Marmaris City Museum. The castle itself was allegedly built by the Ionians in 1044 BC. uh, and he is curious on his own. The museum’s exposition tells the history of these places; here, ancient documents and ancient household items and art of people who have inhabited Marmaris since ancient times are collected.

The famous monument of the Ottoman era is the caravanserai of the Sultan of Hafsa, built in 1545 on a narrow street leading to the castle. Previously, this place served as a roadside hotel for travelers and soldiers, but today in these painted arches are souvenir shops and cafes of national cuisine.

The surroundings of Marmaris
Many excursions are organized from Marmaris: to the so-called Cleopatra island (Sedir Island), the ruins of the ancient city of Kedrai and the famous Cleopatra beach; to Pamukkale, with its 17 geothermal sources, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List; the ancient city of Ephesus and the turtle island of Dalyan.

Sedir Island is located 16 km north of Marmaris and is notable for its beach, where, according to local residents, Cleopatra herself swam. According to legend, sand was brought to the beach by ship from North Africa. From the ancient city of Kedrai on the island of Sedir, the ruins of the city walls and the theater have been preserved.

The island of Dalyan is located 80 km southeast of Marmaris and is known for its largest rookery of turtles and therapeutic mud baths and beaches. There are also the ruins of the ancient city of Kaunos. It was founded in the 4th century BC. e., and today from it preserved the terraces of the temple, the theater, the sea port of Agora and the Roman baths.

30 km north of Marmaris is the picturesque Gokova Bay, to the west is the town of Datca, and in the east is Lake Kecheiz. Gekova Bay is famous for its landscapes – hills, overgrown with pine trees and numerous bays with crystal clear turquoise water. Near the coastline at the foot of the hills is the village of Akyaka.

Near Marmaris in the small village of Orhaniye there is another very beautiful place – the Kiz-Kumu spit. A lot of sad legends are associated with it, but in fact it is a very picturesque sandy beach.

Marmaris for children
In general, Marmaris is more suitable for youth parties. However, there are many hotels for family holidays – with playgrounds and animation, sandy beaches with a gentle entrance to the sea. In general, the resort with children’s entertainment is not rich, but there are two water parks and attractions in shopping centers.

The largest water park in Marmaris – Aqua Dream – is located behind the Migros supermarket and covers an area of ​​44 thousand square meters. m (off. site). There are a lot of different slides, including for extreme sports, so adults will not be bored either. There are several pools, cafes and bowling. Entrance – 14 TRY. The second water park – Atlantis – is a little smaller, stands right on the seashore (of. Site). You can get to it on a turquoise dolmush in the direction of Icmeler. If you buy an excursion, it usually includes a transfer from the hotel. In the water park there are 9 slides, a pool with an artificial wave, a “paddling pool” for the smallest and several cafes. The cost of admission is 12.50 TRY.

The resort has many playgrounds, but one of the best is the one behind the Ataturk monument. In shopping centers there are children’s entertainment areas with attractions, and in summer a small amusement park opens in the city center.

Cuisine and restaurants of Marmaris
Marmaris is a city of gastronomic international. Here you can find the most diverse cuisines of the world: traditional Turkish, Italian, German, Chinese, etc. The proximity to the sea provides an abundance of fish restaurants, as a rule, all of them are concentrated in the area of ​​the pier, and are often open at hotels. The most authentic and non-tourist restaurants of Turkish cuisine can be found in the area of ​​shopping malls. Well, in the historical center there is everything: Italian pizzerias, Chinese noodle houses and much more.

Turkish restaurants serve beef and lamb with spices, especially popular iskender-kebab dish – lamb in tomato sauce according to a special recipe, as well as lentil soup Merjimek Chorbasa. In almost all edals you can find “meze” – a lot of small portions of different cold snacks. As for desserts, traditional baklava and Turkish delight are served almost everywhere. Marmaris is famous for its honey, so you should definitely try all the sweets on honey.

Lunch at an inexpensive kebab or other snack bar will cost about 20 TRY per person, and dinner at a restaurant – from 85 TRY for two, including local wine.

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