Manavgat (Manavgat) is located between Alanya and Antalya, 5 km from the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, on both banks of a wide and turbulent river of the same name.…

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Marmaris – one of the best resorts in Turkey, it is considered the most “European” in the country. The fact is that not so long ago the main contingent of holidaymakers here consisted of the British and Dutch, who, as you know, know a lot about quality rest. To make a choice in favor of Marmaris, they were immediately helped by several unconditional advantages of this resort.

Firstly, there is an ideal climate: even in July-August there is no exhausting heat. Secondly, the calm sea – since the resort is located in a closed bay, fenced off from the open sea by the island and the peninsula, there are almost never waves here, the water “holds” well and therefore the resort is suitable for those who do not swim too well – including children . And the entrance to the sea is smooth here. And thirdly, Marmaris gained a reputation of the dance city of Turkey itself – in the disco bars in the evenings there is no place to drop an apple. And here is a stunningly beautiful harbor, in which snow-white yachts and walking gulets are joking.

Marmaris districts
In Marmaris there are 4 main resort centers: Icmeler, Turunc, Sarigerme and Armutalan.

Icmeler is very popular among tourists due to its wide sandy beaches and thermal springs. This area is suitable for families with children, as well as for youth companies: the resort has family hotels with all the infrastructure for children and at the same time bars, discos and other nightly entertainment venues. Icmeler is also chosen by divers. It has very clean and calm coastal waters, there is a seamount with caves, octopuses, lobsters, turtles and other animals are found.

The small village of Turunc is located next to Icmeler. This place is considered one of the quietest and most secluded in Marmaris, and the main advantage of Turunc is a gorgeous beach marked with the Blue Flag, surrounded by pine forests. There are no expensive hotels and restaurants and generally no special excesses in the infrastructure. People come here to enjoy nature, ride horses and yachts and do nothing.

Another place for lovers of a relaxing holiday is Sarigerme. This resort is located near the airport and is primarily aimed at families with children for whom there is everything from animation to the menu.

Marmaris is a very compact resort. You can live here in one, more peaceful area, and ride fun in another.
Armutalan is the largest district of Marmaris. Tourists love him for budget accommodation and an abundance of entertainment. There are many shops, restaurants and nightclubs, and the main attraction of the area is Jamiavlu Falls, located in the forest. In addition to the usual entertainment of Turkish resorts, cycling in the woods and hiking are popular here.

For lovers of nightlife and discos until the morning there is Bar Street, where all the entertainment venues that open at 23:00 and work until the morning are concentrated. Entrance to all bars and discos is free, moreover, in some places they will offer a welcome cocktail or beer. Marmaris is a fairly compact resort, so you can get here quickly from any area.

Marmaris beaches
The beaches in Marmaris occupy the entire coast from the resort center to Icmeler. The coastal strip is not wide and is separated by a road from the street with cafes, restaurants and hotels. All beaches are sandy with a gentle entrance to the sea, equipped with changing cabins and toilets.

Municipal city beach is not clean and quite crowded. But the beaches of Icmeler (7 km west of Marmaris) and the beaches of the northern side of the Jennet Peninsula and Kumlubuk Bay are cleaner. Turunc Bay is marked with the Blue Flag. The Uzunali area between Marmaris and Icmeler is also popular for its beach and long promenade. Another beach that is definitely worth a visit is in the village of Orhaniye. It is notable for the underwater scythe “Kizkumu” (600 m), which divides the bay into two parts. Even if you go far, the depth will be very shallow.

Many of the beaches in Marmaris are owned by hotels, the entrance and sun loungers with umbrellas are free for guests. On municipal beaches, sunbeds and umbrellas are relatively free: you have to buy a drink in the beach bar. The same scheme works if you want to visit the hotel’s private beach without being a guest. As for the wild beaches, the most famous is the “Uzunali” beach, located between Marmaris and Icmeler. It is very beautiful, and there are practically no people.

In Marmaris and its environs, there are about 50 dive sites abounding in ancient ruins. Main diving sites: Cape Kutyuk, Jennet Island, Kadyrga Lighthouse and Karga Island, Sary-Mehmet Cape, Kechi Island Lighthouse, Inje Burun Lighthouse on Ildyz Island, Haitli Cape, Abdi Reis Bay, Yazih Rock, Aksu Bay. Marine life here is represented by sardines, tuna, octopus, crayfish, moray eels, cardinal fish. Some dive sites have amphora fragments.

One of the most popular diving sites is the Basa Cave. Experienced divers here may be bored, but underwater photography enthusiasts will like it: it is very beautiful here.

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