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Arzrum is revered as the main city in Asian Turkey. <...> The climate of Arzrum is harsh. The city is built in a hollow that rises 7,000 feet above the…

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Adana is the fourth largest and most important city in Turkey. The city is almost clearly divided into the old part with mosques, noisy bazaars and hotels, and the modern…

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Marmaris - one of the best resorts in Turkey, it is considered the most "European" in the country. The fact is that not so long ago the main contingent of…

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Museum of Unique Byzantine Mosaics

The mosaic museum, which will be discussed below, is actually part of the peristyle of the large imperial palace in Constantinople, which was discovered in the 30s of the last century and literally resurrected from the ashes of the completely burned out buildings of the market and the former stables of the Ottoman army, which were located on the site the once majestic imperial palace. As is often the case in Istanbul, the unique Byzantine mosaics of the 5th-6th centuries were discovered by accident during construction work in the area of ​​Arast Bazaar in 1933. As a result of excavations, about 2 thousand square meters of priceless mosaics made with the greatest art of lime, terracotta and glass 5mm cubes, the number of which per 1 sq.m., were discovered and excavated from the ground. reaches 40 (!!!) thousand. Continue reading


Uludag is located 150 km from Istanbul and 35 km from Bursa. Almost every hotel here has its own ski lifts, the cost of using which is included in the price (but this does not mean that the ski lifts of one hotel are closed for guests of others: a ski pass to the lift of a “foreign” hotel can always be bought at its lower station, it happens for several rises or several days). Snow cover (its maximum thickness is 3 meters) lasts from the second half of December to the end of March. The slopes for alpine skiing are located at altitudes of 1750-2543 m above sea level, wide and well-groomed, they mostly pass in the forest. The best time for skiing is between December and March. Continue reading


On the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, at the foot of the Turkish mountains covered with forests, lies the ancient “city of the sun” – the picturesque Fethiye. From a bird’s eye view, the resort looks like a postcard – a long, continuous strip of beaches, turquoise lagoons and yachts parked along the coast.

This elegant town is popular with lovers of a relaxing holiday. Tourists tired of noisy cities come here to breathe in the cleanest air and get a tan on Cleopatra’s beach, walk along the Butterfly Valley with a butterfly net, paraglide from Mount Babadag, take a boat ride to the habitat of giant turtles. Fethiye gives its unique flavor its historical sights – witnesses of its glory in ancient times. The main and most impressive of them is the Lycian tombs carved into the rock. Continue reading

Black Sea coast of Turkey

The Black Sea coast of Turkey, located in the north of the country and stretching from Istanbul to the border with Georgia, is famous for its beauty, an abundance of greenery, alpine lakes and glaciers. But of course, the main wealth of the region – the Black Sea – is a crossroads of the ancient world. From the Balkans in the west, Europe in the north, the Caucasus and Central Asia in the east, Asia Minor and Mesopotamia in the south, people constantly moved through the Black Sea for trade and war.

Some of the ancient sea ports of the Black Sea coast of Turkey are older than the Egyptian pyramids. Continue reading

Aegean coast of Turkey

The Aegean coast of Turkey is very different from Antalya. The climate is drier, and the entire resort infrastructure is more compact. On the coast of the Aegean Sea, as well as in Antalya, there are club-type hotels and city hotels.

It was on the Aegean coast that several thousand years ago the Greeks began to settle, having appreciated this region. Centuries passed, the Greeks were replaced by other peoples, but the beauty and convenience of the bays of the Aegean coast remained the same.
The main resorts of the coast
Marmaris, Icmeler, Fethiye, Bodrum, Kusadasi, Kas, Didyma. Continue reading

Turkler is formally part of Alanya. But this small town with a population of 4000 people has its own, more relaxed "character." Turkler is popular with lovers of nature, mild…


Kemer is located on the coastal strip between the sea and mountains more than 2000 m high. Its resort area includes the areas of Beldibi, Goynuk, Kirish, Camyuva, Tekirova and…


Marmaris vs Kemer
Holidays in Turkey with a Russian tourist are associated primarily with the warm sea, sun-drenched beaches, noisy attractions, shopping and the all-inclusive system. But not all Turkish resorts are the…


Dalaman is at the same time a district in the province of Mugla, in the south-west of Turkey, and a small town with a population of 20 thousand people, located…